Thursday, 15 September 2011

Welcome to the Black Diamond Accordions blog

Thank you for visiting the blog of Black Diamond Accordions - an exciting new venture based on Mersea Island (Britain's most easterly inhabited island, as we islanders never tire of reiterating).

In preparation for the official launch of Black Diamond Accordions in November 2011, we are busy building our website and e-shop, putting together our catalogue, ticking off hundreds of 'to do' tasks on dozens of lists, and generally giving ourselves even more hectic and busy lives than usual. Which is saying something. But it's all great fun and we are bursting with enthusiasm and anticipation.

We'll be posting more news and updates, as well as the story behind the founding of Black Diamond Accordions, as our Grand Launch Day approaches. Meanwhile, please visit and 'like' our Facebook Page to help spread the word!

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