Friday, 18 November 2011

Vintage Accordions by Rob Howard

Still waiting (patiently . . . ish) for Greg's full report from Accordions International last weekend. Meanwhile, here's news of a fascinating new book by Rob Howard - who was also at Hemsby, and from whom Greg purchased a copy for the growing library of accordion reference books at home.

VINTAGE ACCORDIONS is an illustrated history of the accordion, in all its various forms, from the early years of the nineteenth century right up to the present day.

Most of the 300 colour pictures are of instruments from the magnificent collections of Ken Hopkins (Northern Ireland) and Caroline Hunt  (Scotland).

The book is divided into chronological sections: Vintage accordions - origins; The accordion spreads globally; The age of the concertina; 19th century literary figures and the accordion; The piano accordion reaches Britain; Castelfidardo - epicentre of the Accordion World!; Uniform keyboard; Coming up to date; and Vintage Accordion LPs, EPs and 78s on CD.

It's available from the author direct for £10 (+ £2 p&p) by cheque or Paypal:

Rob Howard
42 Avondale Road

0161 4808858
robaccord5 [at]

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