Saturday, 3 December 2011

Does anyone know the name of this tune?

The third Sam Pirt track, "Swedish Tune" has gone down very well indeed. Some high praise has been posted on the Mudcat Cafe forum , including this from Jeri:

"I don't know the name of the tune, but your Black Diamond accordion sounds magnificent! I take it for granted that Sam's a genius, but he had a lovely instrument to work with.

The video is a master work: beautiful, beautiful. The tune, whatever it is..., I could write a song about the tune and the way that it, combined with the video, makes me feel. It is the land's sigh after a long, tiring day. It's a warm place to sleep, it's home, it's comfort and peace and a little bit of euphoria, and I'm gonna get my fiddle out and LEARN IT TOMORROW!

Got two piano accordions here, and neither one is in operating condition, and NOW I have accordion lust   . . . thank you for the exquisite video!"

If you know the name of this tune, please let us know, as we'd love to credit it properly.

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