Thursday, 29 March 2012

Melodeons & More, Mendlesham, Saturday 24 March 2012

Greg went to Mendlesham last Saturday for the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust "Melodeons & More" day wondering whether it was going to be worth the trip upcountry - given that we don't actually have stock of any Black Diamond melodeons yet.

Perhaps even more to the point, we were just a little concerned that a stall emblazoned with photos of piano accordions might be hounded off the premises as The Wrong Kind of Squeezeboxes!

Luckily, all such fears were quite unjustified. Punters and tutors alike were uniformly friendly and welcoming and a goodly number seemed happy to put their diatonic squeezers to one side for few minutes and have a go on one of our chromatic accordions instead.

Moreover our [flashy red] prototype Black Diamond D/G Melodeon was thoroughly put through its paces by some stunningly proficient players, and received many a thumbs-up. We even took an advance order from a very nice and patient chap who doesn't mind waiting for a few weeks for his [stylish black] Black Diamond D/G Melodeon to arrive in the UK.

So all in all a very pleasing and worthwhile day, and we'll definitely be back again next year!

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